Bloch Australia - Case Study

Bloch Australia - Case Study

Bloch Australia a unique dance-wear developer and retailer. Offering a on-line as well as offline retail experience.

Their on-line store range is huge and required some specialized product filtering on categories where colour, size and product type was needed. They have a huge selection of ballet shoes and to get to your specific shoe requirement would normally require selecting a category and sub-category and browsing through multiple pages of products only to find the product you were looking for is sold out of your size.

Product Filters

The solution was to allow the customer to filter product of a similar category by sizes available, colours available and specific product features like sole design and fabrication, as well as filtering by a price range.

This made it easy for busy Mom’s buying shoes for their child to quickly and easily filter down the products available in a price range and checkout.

Responsive Design

Another requirement for the site was for a mobile version of the site without maintaining 2 separate websites. The answer was Responsive Design, a design technique based on the principles of a fluid layout that will respond to the size of the devices screen and not the type of device. So whether the mobile was Apple iPhone or an Android phone the site would respond to the size of the screen whether in portrait or landscape mode.

This enabled busy shoppers on the go to easily select their items and checkout whilst on their mobile or table device.

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