CMS Content Sites

CMS Content Sites

WordPress is our CMS of choice, excellent for most web projects with a huge community following. WordPress sites are able to have extended functionality via plugins (like apps for a iphone) that extends the sites functionality to be a shopping cart, document library, knowledge base or a CRM system for example.


How it works

  • We set up a Database on your web server.
  • We create pages that can read information from that database.
  • We create a page to put information into the database (also edit and delete this information).
  • As you view this page you are viewing a page with information dynamically written into that page.
  • So even though the page stays the same, the information on that page changes.


Special Features and Applications

  • This kind of web page can be updated by yourself.
  • Great for online stores (Bardot), fashion catalogues (TAROCASH), basically sites that have a lot of repetitive information that need to be updated frequently and a consistent look and feel needs to be maintained.
  • Very effective for eCommerce integration.
  • Very cost effective as most information input, image changes and updates can be done by you.
  • Quick and easy to reskin and change the seasonal look of the site.

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