Ecommerce Online Stores

Ecommerce Online Stores

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Shopify Stores

We can also help you setup your Shopify store, whether you are starting from scratch or need to migrate from another eCommerce platform to Shopify. Shopify is a hosted eCommerce solution so no hosting software and hardware maintenance is required by you, you can just focus on selling. Shopify stores are customisable in look and feel and can be extended via apps from the Shopify App Store.

Pricing varies from USD $29 per month depending on what size store you require (See as an example of a custom Shopify store).

If you use Shopify Payments, you do not require any internet merchant account or a 3rd party payment processor.

Costs to setup a Shopify sore range from $2500 for a simple store to $12500 for a complexed store with all the bells and whistles.


Woocommerce Stores

Woocommerce is a open source applications with large user bases and regular updates. They will process an order and email the customer a receipt and email the vendor a notice that a order has been placed.

The vendor then log’s in to their site and retrieves the transaction details and processes the order.

  • Setup fee from AU$ 3000.00 (to setup the shopping cart into your website and to customize the appearance)
  • Optional extras like a about the company, press releases, product demonstrations, newsletter system and anything else you require can also be added onto the site.
  • Monthly Fees AU$ 0.00
  • SSL certificate will be required by your bank or payment processor if you are processing credit cards.
  • PayPal integration to accept credit cards.
  • Credit card integration requires a Internet Merchant Account and a payment gateway.
  • Accept cheque’s.
  • Accept direct deposits.
  • Accept COD.
  • Totally customisable.

Very important things to remember when doing eCommerce over the internet:

  • Are you going to sell and deliver in your local area or to a wider area?
  • Have you calculated your shipping costs for all delivery areas (this has to be set up in your eCommerce system)?
  • Customer return policy?
  • Delivery time period?
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    We recommend using a outsource logo design company like 99designs. Instead of having only one design point of view get your logo designed by 30 designers and only pay for the 1 you like!