Whats the world wide web?

Basically THE WEB is the pretty part of THE INTERNET.

However, though many people use the terms interchangeably, this is an error as, in actual fact, the WEB is a way of viewing information transmitted to you over the INTERNET.

Basically, the entire Internet is a bunch of computer networks hooked together with a bunch of telephone lines or other meathod. The computers store information in a really boring way – as plain text – it’s very basic and not too attractive. Each document is given it’s own “address”, so you have to know exactly where to go to and what to type in to look for things. And we mean “exactly”. The Internet is very unforgiving when it comes to misspelled words, or incorrectly written address – unlike your friendly Postmaster.

The web was dreamed up as a way to link documents together making it easier to reference your information to other places, hence the name HYPERTEXT LINK. The web also allows you to display images and other media.
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