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  • Scheduled Promotions Countdown

    Using the scheduled banner, text and video sections, you would be able to setup all your promotions ahead of time, to automatically go live.

  • Accordion Blog + Single Row

    The Blog category as a Accordian is very usefull for providing FAQ's, job listing and store location lists.

  • Expanding Row + Gallery

    The single expanding row is usefull for when you want to provide text in a condensed way. Also includes a Masonary Grid Image Gallery.

About the app

This app adds new functionality to the default Dawn Theme v3.0+ only. (older versions are not supported).

  • Add-on sections included

    • Scheduled - Hero Banner with countdown
    • Scheduled - Rich Text Block with cowntdown
    • Scheduled - Video
    • Blog category as an Accordian (FAQ's)
    • Single Row Expanding Rich Text
    • Custom Code section for liquid, javascript and html code
    • Masonary Grid Image Gallery
    • Bonus - Party Mode button (just for fun)

    More add-ons to be added in the future

  • Use Cases

    • Scheduling multiple hero banners, rich text and video, for promotion over the holidays which will automatically launch and hide on scheduled dates.
    • Use a blog category for a simple to use FAQs section, a Careers listing or a Stockist by state page in your site, displayed as a accordion in a compact way.
    • Custom Code section used for including local and 3rd party code for example pop-ups, banners and tracking.