Members Only 2.0 ‑ Shopify

Members Only 2.0 ‑ Shopify

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  • Triggered by Customer Tag

    Tag customers with tag e.g VIP or wholesale and allow only them to access the site section. Different tags can be used on different sections.

  • Works on any Pages/Products

    Works on all or specific products, all collections or specific collections, any pages or all pages. You have complete freedom!

  • Shopify 2.0 Only

    Works with 2.0 themes only! Add as normal section to hide the pages content. SEo is not affected as content is unchanged only hidden.

About the app

This app adds a Members only section to any Shopify 2.0 page template.

  • Customizable

    • Custom heading
    • Custom tag as trigger per section (can have different tags on each section)
    • Custom message to logged in customers
    • Custom message tologged out customers
    • Custom heading sizeCustom background color
    • Custom overlay level to allow you to place the overlay above you content but below your header.
  • Use Cases

    • VIP only products.
    • Wholesale only collection.
    • Members only page with hidden information from the general public.
    • Note: Only works with a Shopify 2.0 theme.