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Shopify Dawn Pro v10, Video Banner, Logo Slider, Marquee, Gallery + Brand Directory

Shopify Dawn Pro v10, Video Banner, Logo Slider, Marquee, Gallery + Brand Directory

Version: 10 | Shopify Dawn Theme Addons
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Shopify Dawn Pro v10

A customised version of the fastest default Shopify theme, Dawn with 13 vital  missing sections to make this the best theme available.

Added Sections:

  1. Product Color Varient Swatches (new)
    Adds an option to show product varient colors as swatches or as normal. Swatch colors can be added to the theme setting page as images or hex colors, with the option to choose swatch shape and size globally. You need to also enter what your varient is called (for other languages).
  2. Bulk Wholesale Order Form (new)
    All products in the "wholesale" collection will appear in this form. Quantities for products can be added and the bulk order placed into your cart in one go. Product variations with stock over 10 items will show up as "10+ in stock". An alert will popup if the ordered quantity is more than what is availiable. Column widths can be adjusted as well as overall aligment.
  3. Marquee (new)
    Scrolling text marquee (see demo footer).
    Custom text color and size.
    Custom background and borders.
    Upto 5 different text messages.
  4. Video Banner (new)
    Banner with background video loop.
    Optional heading, text and buttons.
    Uploaded mp4 video only.
  5. Section Shape Dividers (new)
    Adjustable section shape dividers for height, color and position.
    Shapes availiable: clouds, triangle, tilt, wave and waves.
  6. Multicolumn Slider (new)
    Multicolumn slider for desktop view with option to open all links in a new tab.
  7. Hero Banner
    Hero Banner with seperate desktop and mobile image optional link.
  8. Logo Slider
    Logo image slider with image size setting and link for each logo.
  9. Rich Text with Image Background
    Adds the option of adding a background image to the text rich section and to be able to change its position vertically. 
  10. Image Masonry Gallery
    Masonry or grid gallery with 3 to 12 images per row and selectable row heights for mobile and desktop. Spacing settings, boxed or fullwidth.
    Optional link and position per image.
  11. Brands Directory
    Brands directory automatically selected from each products vendor. 
    Optional for Heading, Intro text, alignment, link color and number of colmns for desktop and mobile.
  12. Image with Text + Background
    Like the standard Image with Text with the added optional image background and position selection.
  13. Social Share
    Share you page on Facebook, Twitter or Pinterest.
    Optional heading on left of icons.
    Change Icon color and alignment.

  • Download the theme after checkout
  • Goto your Shopify admin > Online Store > Themes >
  • Click on “Add Theme” then "Upload theme file"
  • Select the newly downloaded zip file to upload.
  • Once installed you can customize your theme and once complete, publish theme.
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