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Shopify Dawn v13+ - Members Only Page, Product, Collection

Shopify Dawn v13+ - Members Only Page, Product, Collection

Version: 13, 14 | Shopify Dawn Theme Addons
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  • Shopify Dawn v13 - Members Only Page, Product, Collection adds a Members only section to any Shopify 2.0 page, product, collection template. Customizable - Custom heading, Custom tag as trigger per section (can have different tags on each section). Custom message to logged in customers. Custom message to logged out customers. Custom heading size. Custom background color. Custom overlay level to allow you to place the overlay above you content but below your header.

Use Cases - VIP only products. Wholesale only collection.


        • Download the liquid file after checkout
        • Goto your Shopify admin > Online Store > Themes > Edit code 
        • Click on “Sections” then "Add a new section"
        • Section type is "liquid"
        • Section name "members-only"
        • Copy the code from the downloaded liquid file into you new section and save.

        Your new section will be availiable in the theme customizer now!


        • You must tag your customers with the tag you enter on the "Members Only" section tag setting.
        • Adust the setting "Overlay level (z-index)" to position the members only message above your content but below your header.
        • Can be used o any page, product or collection template.
        • Best use case is to create a custom template for the page, product or collection and add the Members Only section below all content.

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