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Shopify Dawn v13+ - Scrolling Logo Slider

Shopify Dawn v13+ - Scrolling Logo Slider

Version: 13, 14 | Shopify Dawn Theme Addons
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The Shopify Dawn v13 - Scrolling Logo Slider offers a logo image slider that allows for image size customization and the inclusion of links for each logo.


        • Download the liquid file after checkout
        • Goto your Shopify admin > Online Store > Themes > Edit code 
        • Click on “Sections” then "Add a new section"
        • Section type is "liquid"
        • Section name "logo-slider"
        • Copy the code from the downloaded liquid file into you new section and save.

        Your new section will be availiable in the theme customizer now!


        • Added setting to control the width of each logo.
        • Added a setting to control the scrolling speed.
        • Added a greyscale setting until hover.
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